About Dorae

Success for us means delivering value to our users

World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

Dorae was founded in 2014 to build useful solutions for the way we interact with eachother and the world. Our guiding principles of craftsmanship, connectedness and clarity permeate our work and drive our goals. Success for us means delivering value to our users.

What you can do

Automate workflows and streamline resource allocation

Transact with counterparties and source new opportunities

Digitize documentation and transmit it automatically

Manage risk and satisfy needs for interoperability with other systems

Use Dorae for compliance and audit, and easily adapt to new requirements

Track and manage the journey of goods inside and outside of your organization


DORÆ is honoured to have won the Supply Chain Transparency Hackathon sponsored by:

DORÆ is honoured to have been named a TECHNOLOGY PIONEER by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM

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